Lunch and Set menu

Miwa-Town is located in the mountainous area of Iwakuni City, and has many tourist destinations or a tourist base.
Satoyama Cafe Haku has the image of a potun in the mountains, but is popular with many customers from nearby prefectures.
We also have lodging facilities such as private stays, and some couples can celebrate weddings with a small number of people.
For food and drink, we use home grown vegetables and herbs.
Do you not come by all means?
The photograph is an image of the Haku lunch cake set. ※ We always prepare fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Haku lunch 1,430 yen (dessert, coffee / tea)
Curry lunch ¥ 1,100 ¥ (coffee / tea)
Cake set ¥ 770 ¥ (coffee / tea)
You can change the drink
+50 yen ice coffee / ice tea
+100 yen Cappuccino / Latte / Ice Latte
+150 yen caramel latte / ice caramel latte
Vanilla latte / ice vanilla latte
Hazelnut Latte / Ice Hazelnut Latte
Coffee 440 yen
Iced tea ¥ 495
Black tea ¥ 440
Cappuccino ¥ 550
Latte ¥ 550
Ice Latte ¥ 550
Caramel latte (ice / hot) 605 yen
Vanilla latte (ice / hot) 605 yen
Hazelnut latte (ice / hot) 605 yen
Chocolate mocha (ice / hot) 605 yen
Orange juice ¥ 385
Organic ginger ale ¥ 385
Hot chocolate milk 385 yen